2016 Just Gone, Not Forgotten in Healthcare

Last year delivered some interesting events and challenges to the healthcare arena. Let’s see, there were the huge “price adjustments” for certain drugs (the EpiPen and an antiparasitic pill), the impending “repeal and replace” of the ACA, and the devastating explosion of opioid drug use and resulting ODs, to name a few. Given recent events in D.C., it appears 2017 will be on par.

As leaders in the field of anesthesia practice management, we, too, made changes (innovations, really) in our operations that we believe will benefit all our stakeholders—clients (hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, office-based practices), anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and patients. Our aim in introducing technology to aspects of our business that had not utilized it in the past, is to deliver safe, cost effective care, enhance patient experiences, and keep surgeons and related OR staff satisfied.

View some of our accomplishments in our latest infographic.

Source: Ramiz, Diane (2016, December 30). 2016: A Wrap-Up of the Year in Health Care. Bizmology.hoovers.com. Retrieved from  http://bizmology.hoovers.com/2016/12/2016122016122016-a-wrap-up-of-the-year-in-health-care/

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