Practice Management

Somnia helps their clients maximize their revenue by not only partnering with them on the clinical aspects of their facility business but as well in all of the administrative services that we provide for anesthesia.

Somnia helps anesthesiologists, certified nurse anesthetists and anesthesiology groups establish and maintain successful practices. As a perioperative anesthesia services partner, Somnia cost-effectively manages your practice so you can focus on patient care.
Our clinical expertise, business acumen and end-to-end solution sets provide financial management, operational improvement and ancillary service line growth and ensure regulatory compliance and practice governance.
Benefits of Working With Somnia
Facility and Subsidy Negotiations - We’re experts in renewing, retaining or extending contracts.
Quality Improvement – Leverage our market-leading Clinical Quality Excellence program to build your own. Easily track and trend performance data to meet the demands of the industry’s outcomes-based model.
Control Costs and Maximize Your Revenue – Our compliant and transparent revenue management processes, powerful software tools, and long-standing experience working with more than 200 payers help our clients increase revenue, reduce subsidies, control costs, optimize billing, and open untapped revenue streams.
Somnia follows HIPPA guidelines and provides anesthesia practitioners detailed, comprehensive reporting that generates the information required to follow up with payers and patients alike.
By The Numbers
· We have increased anesthesia-related revenue by as much as 30% for some clients
· Our 97% net payment collection ratio that is almost 50% higher than industry standards
· Track record of reducing anesthesia subsidies while delivering 100% anesthesia coverage, our statics point to our consistent success.
Outsource your practice management to Somnia and access our suite of periorperative anesthesia management services and our extensive network of affiliated clinicians.
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