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Quality Improvement

Somnia has been an avid promoter of anesthesia quality management, safety and satisfaction long before it entered into the consciousness of the general medical space and became part of the healthcare lexicon. Our accomplishments speak volumes about our commitment to quality.

Somnia was asked to partner with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) toward the goal of continuous improvement in anesthesia care. We have the distinction of being the first anesthesia-only management company to be named a patient safety organization (PSO) by the AHRQ and are certified by The Joint Commission (TJC). This important honor is recognition of the high standard of care we provide for hospitals seeking to improve both clinical quality and patient experience.

The alignment of and between anesthesia clinicians, surgeons, facilities and payers is essential to a high-performing OR. To Somnia, quality is more about a broad and deep system approach to the discipline to include operating room performance, clinical outcomes, surgeon satisfaction and process-driven systematic efficacy.

Our anesthesia Clinical Quality Excellence (CQE) program is composed of four integrated components:

Professional Development

We retain and recruit the most talented anesthesia clinicians who are the “best fit” for your facility, and support them with ongoing professional development opportunities, continuous performance feedback and other resources they need for successful anesthesia practice. Somnia documents individual clinician performance via its proprietary anesthesia “profiling” system. Every anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist is evaluated and rated individually, and performance is then benchmarked against colleagues at the same facility and within Somnia’s national network.

Clinical Standards

Our evidence-based clinical anesthesia standards are guided by protocols, policies and procedures that we will integrate with your facility’s own best practices. Our anesthesia clinical standards ensure complete compliance with all regulatory and accreditation standards, including SCIP measures. Anesthesia compliance is also a focus of our daily review of every patient chart.

Performance Improvement

In the new pay-for-performance environment, it is no longer good enough to simply report data; now, hospitals must also report on outcomes. Somnia recognizes this critical need, and our focus on performance improvement is ongoing and tied into expectations, reward and recognition – we expect our clinicians to constantly strive for higher levels of performance and outcome.

Our CQE program measures 31 clinical quality indicators on every patient’s anesthetic experience, providing us with valuable information that ultimately leads to improved care and the development of new best practices for the industry. Our anesthesia quality metrics serve as the foundation for many reward and recognition programs.

Customer Satisfaction

At Somnia, we believe customer satisfaction is essential to our success and to the success and reputation of the anesthesia departments, hospitals and surgical facilities we serve. As a result, we conduct surveys of patients, surgeons and nurses to gain valuable information to help us improve performance and outcomes. This commitment to both clinical and management excellence has resulted in very high patient and surgeon satisfaction ratings. Recent surveys have shown that 9 out of 10 patients and surgeons are “very satisfied” with the services we provide in their facilities.

Somnia’s CQE program monitors and analyzes data collected from all clinical sites. This data is tracked, trended and analyzed in order to improve anesthesia outcomes and develop or enhance best practices from the everyday basics such as management of PONV, post-op pain and OB epidural complications to more sophisticated operation room and perioperative metrics.



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