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Anesthesia Consultants

We can provide help and assistance to those hospitals in need, no matter where they are.

Helping Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Optimize Anesthesia Services
For more than 20 years Somnia has been collaborating with healthcare facilities to identify and remedy issues that are compromising the quality, outcomes and processes related to their anesthesia services.
360-Degree Evaluation
We analyze, evaluate and report on every aspect of your anesthesia department. Our assessment will let you know what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll examine overall management, clinical and administrative performance, opportunities for growth and current and future staffing needs.  Our deep business and clinical experience enable us to identify and eliminate challenges.
A Somnia engagement allows you to retain your current anesthesia team while benefitting from our expertise. Whether your need is broad, limited in scope or emergent, our solution will be tailored to your facility.
Learn how Somnia can help your facility deliver consistently high quality patient care, optimize operating room performance, increase revenues, and earn surgeon and patient satisfaction.
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To discuss your current and future anesthesia needs with our experienced staff, please call us at 877-795-5788, or use our Request A Proposal form to tell us about your requirements.