Outsourcing Anesthesia

A changing economy, shifting business models, and evolving technologies have organizations, in every sector and vertical, turning to outsourcing. As they rethink their own operational structures, healthcare systems and hospitals are following suit to better manage costs, create efficiencies, and improve outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction.
Mitigate the Strain on Resources
Managed services organization like Somnia can mitigate the strain on clinical and financial resources. Somnia’s first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the perioperative process enables us to manage every aspect of your anesthesia services. Founded and still led by anesthesiologists positions us to improve the productivity and profitability of surgical facilities.
Cost Management
In-house management of recruitment, compensation and benefits, credentialing, contracting and claims management, and payment processing and their associated costs are often drags on bottom lines.  Somnia examines and analyzes operations and identifies opportunities to trim costs, maximize revenue and greatly improve the value of anesthesia services.
Improved Performance
In healthcare’s performance-based model, there is no room for inefficiency. We strategically and tactically address any issues by implementing sustainable business practices that protect your reputation and your finances.  We continuously measure and document performance, update practices and policies and ensure compliance so you succeed in an outcomes-based care model.
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