Chief Recruitment

Meet the Chiefs of Somnia Anesthesia

Somnia Anesthesia’s Chief Recruitment Service is a custom-tailored recruitment and placement process that was designed with you, the next Somnia chief, in mind.

Based on your strengths, experience, and needs, your assigned chief recruiter will work with you through the entire process to ensure that you are placed in the best possible situation for you and the organization you will be joining.

High patient and surgeon satisfaction, excellence in OR efficiency, and the leading quality excellence program, among other factors, make Somnia the best in anesthesia management nationwide. This is why we designed the Chief Recruitment Process: to recruit the best of the best.

Whether you are currently a chief of anesthesiology, or an anesthesiologist aspiring to become a chief, this service was created for you. Read through some of our informational resources below to get a clearer picture of leadership, the Somnia Way.


Chief of Anesthesiology Fact Sheet                                              DOWNLOAD

"Identifying and Succeeding in a Clinical Leadership Role"          February 2013 Webinar Presented By: Somnia Anesthesia and